HOT16-1983 EP

HOT16-1983 EP

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Liquid Beat Records is proud to announce the debut digital and vinyl solo EP from Portland, OR based producer HOT16, entitled “1983”.

Utilizing a wide variety of production techniques that includes samples, drum machines, keyboards, and additional live players, HOT16 has crafted a unique sound that lovingly references the 80s & 90s while simultaneously maintaining a modern edge.

Of course, the production is only half the story of “1983”. Featured on the EP is a varied group of extremely talented singers and emcees that help bring the project to life. Included on the release are collaborations with MC Melodee, Vursatyl (from Lifesavas), Reva DeVito, Swan Coltrane & Thaddeus David (from Seattle’s Moor Gang), and Ronnie & EPP (from TxE).

“1983” is a funky, soulful record that captures the spirit of the golden era of R&B and Hip-Hop and reimagines it for modern times with magnificent results.