Horatio Luna - Hit it, Run it, Send it EP

Horatio Luna - Hit it, Run it, Send it EP

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Made up of members from 30/70 Collective, Mandarin Dreams and Quarter Street Soul. This Horatio Luna record celebrates improvisation through many facets of the Melbourne musical community coming together for a hang.

"When people haven’t played together much and theres only a small amount of direction like a jam session for example, you have to make something of the moment and it forces the musician to make a decision and gives the music this imbued sense of urgency. That feeling is what i have been exploring as Horatio Luna… the dualities between composition and improvisation.

Dufresne, Zeitgeist and I have developed a music dialogue over the last few years. We bounce off each other, sometimes its fluidly, sometimes really jagged and both really nice. So we have a lot to draw from conceptually, sometimes its a simple chord chart, a riff, an aesthetic idea or something that just happens in the moment and we vibe off that.

Print it, Run it, Send It is about getting it done, making shit happen. Its about enjoying the process and letting things feel really natural. When i hear someone like Moodymann DJ, I love how he uses raw edits and obscure cuts to shape or give context his sets, so i let some of the rough edges in the my music to reflect those moments.